Dynamic model for transmission lines maximum disconnection time on wind farm

Ricardo Manuel Arias Velásquez, Yovitza Lucia Romero Ramos, Ian Meldrum, César Díaz, Julien Noel

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Wind farm is the cheapest renewable energy resource (RER) in the world, however, the reliability improvement is a key for the future of this power plant. A specially issue is the overhead line interconnection, a weak point, even, a double circuit, the last projects have included modern equipment to mitigate the failure impact in the system as phasor measurement unit (PMU) and Intelligent Electronics Devices (IED); for the dynamic response and protection system. In this paper, a comprehensive dynamic model for the analysis in a Peruvian power plant, located in the north of Perú, with the most recent model based fault analysis and fault tolerant, focusing on overhead lines maximum disconnection time for RER technology interconnection. The remainder of this paper is organized in a tutorial manner with a Matlab code and DigSilent simulation, it allows the same results from the stability study, however faster than traditional methodology and with high accuracy.

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PublicaciónAin Shams Engineering Journal
EstadoPublicada - jun. 2021


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