Jose Gerardo Deustua Rossel

Jose Gerardo Deustua Rossel

  • Jr. Medrano Silva 165, Barranco 15063


Personal profile

Professional profile

Over the past seven years, Jose has led strategic projects for leading Peruvian companies and organizations. Jose holds a master's degree from the University of Oxford and a bachelor's degree in economics from the Universidad del Pacífico. 

Work with startups, corporations, investors, the Government and the university to consolidate the Peruvian ecosystem of startups and other regional ecosystems. Through the different programs he has led, he has been able to accelerate the growth of more than 50 startups, invest in more than 30 startups and help nearly 20 corporations in their open innovation processes.

He was part of the founding group and president of the Peruvian Venture Capital Association.